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Whenever we plan for a tour to a destination, we think of the notable places and the attractions about the place. But more often than not, we do not spend much time planning on the hotel or homestay for the holiday. In a destination like Kalimpong, homestays play a vital role for the tourists to on to their enjoyment. A comforting and soothing stay after a strenuous day of the journey provides much-needed tranquillity and rest to our body and mind. It will help you to gather the lost energy and continue with the holiday itinerary as planned. We, at Himalayan Soul Tours and Travels, provide you with the best-in-class homestays in Kalimpong to make your journey more comfortable and memorable.

Homestays in Kalimpong

Places to visit nearby:

From the homestays, the customers can visit some of the most popular destinations in Kalimpong. Some of them are discussed below :

  • Lava: Lava is situated at about 2200m. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region and is famous for Neora Valley National Park, birdwatching, Jelep La Pass and for its beautiful weather.
  • Loleygaon: Loleygaon is a quaint village about 20kms away from Lava. Jhandi Dara, a viewpoint is famous for witnessing the snowy hilltops of the Singalila range. Canopy Walk is another popular spot to visit.
  • Neora Valley National Park: It is one of the oldest bio-reserve forests in the country. Neora Valley National Park is famous for its rare species of red pandas and black bears.
  • Deolo Hill: The park situated in this location is a house of some exotic flowers and plants. Apart from it, Deolo Hill provides a breathtaking view of Mount Kanchenjunga and the river Teesta.
  • Icche Gaon: This place is situated at about 1767m and is famous for its scintillating landscapes of Mount Kanchenjunga. Sangchen Dorjee Monastery is popular among tourists for its ancient wall paintings.

These are some of the most popular places the visitors can visit. Apart from these, tourists can visit a number of other places like Pedong, Rikisum, Ramdhura etc.

Food and Security

We, at Himalayan Soul Tours and Travels, concentrate on providing a state-of-the-art homestays facility in Kalimpong to maximise our customers’ comfort. And for that, we not only offer them the best touring facility, but we also look to maintain a very high standard in terms of edibles.

Here, the tourists will find multi-cultural cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Nepalese to name a few with plenty of delicious dishes on offer. We maintain proper hygiene standards in the food-court area to keep everything safe. Apart from the heavy meals, we have the service of breakfast and evening snacks as well.

Himalayan Soul Tours and Travels offers the best security throughout the premises. We have multiple CCTV cameras all around the homestay and have security guards scattered in various positions to ensure our customers’ safety.

Homestays Kalimpong

Why choose Himalayan Soul Tours and Travels?

Here at Himalayan Soul Tours and Travels, we provide you with the best homestay service in Kalimpong. We make sure to offer a comfortable stay for the customers and for that, we maintain high standards in room servicing, parking and food. We aim to be the go-to name in the travel industry and our whole group is working towards the common goal.