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Complete Overview of Lava

Ignorant readers at the first instance might get confused about the place. They might start to believe that the place is the birthplace of lava or experience several bursts of lava. But on an actual note, Lava is a very famous tourist attraction in the North Bengal division of the state West Bengal. Lava is a small settlement in the Kalimpong districts that is highly regarded for its natural treasures. Being situated at an incredible height of 7200 feet Lava is one of the few places in Bengal that receives snow in winter.

Our company always suggests a trip to Lava to all those customers who want to experience the real chill of snow and cold conditions.


Major Highlights of - Lava

Lava Monastery<

Lava Monastery

The Kagyu Thekchen ling Monastery or the Lava Monastery is a very famous spiritual spot in Lava. The monastery came into existence in 1980. It was initially started only a few months but currently is a residence of 110 monks. The outer appearance of the monastery is beautifully decorated with a correct blend of bright and vibrant colours. The brilliant views of the surrounding mountains also play their part in lifting the overall aura of the monastery.

Nature’s interpretation Centre

Nature’s interpretation Centre

There are many individuals whose main agenda for travel is to be close to nature. Escaping from the city’s hustle-bustle they search for places where they can enjoy the charm of nature in complete peace. Lava is an excellent example of such a place that has all the gifts of nature but also knows the correct procedure to take care of them too.

Nature’s interpretation Centre is one such initiative the regional flora and fauna are displayed. It is a museum that is extremely popular for dioramas, photographs, models, stuffed animals, and birds.

Changey La Waterfall

Changey La Waterfall

Changey La Waterfall is a wonderful and mesmerizing waterfall situated just a few kilometers from Lava. The waterfall has an estimated height of 150 feet and surrounded by dense forests and hills. This place is a true heaven for bird watchers as many tourists visit this place just to watch different varieties of birds and listen to their chirping. The most commonly sighted birds in this region are Verditer Flycatcher, Niltava, Capped Water Redstart, Grey Treepie, Blue Whistling Thrush, Indian Robin, etc. Changey La only takes an hour's drive from Lava.

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