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A detailed overview of Pedong

Pedong is a well-known tourist destination that is situated in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal. This place is extremely famous for its heritage sites having cultural, religious, and historical significance. The best part of Pedong is that you can easily find the best hotels and homestays with minimum expenses.

Pedong has always been a great place for exploration and sightseeing. Therefore our company never hesitated to bring in the best to best services and packages for this region so that people from all over the country can visit this place and enjoy to the fullest without any compromises.


Major Highlights of - Pedong

Pedong Monastery

Pedong Monastery

Pedong Monastery or Sangchen Dorjee Monastery is a holy place for Bhutanese Buddhists. Apart from the religious point of view, this place is extremely important with respect to history and culture.

Damsang Fort

Damsang Fort

Damsang Fort is one of the oldest attractions in this region. The Lepcha built this fort in order to defend themselves against the Bhutanese. But the Britishers completely destroyed it. Now only the ruins remain which is flocked by travelers and historians.

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